Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring? Break

On Friday I went with three other women to see the Red Deer Quilt Show.  That was a treat!  Many, many beautiful quilts.  Some just took your breath away with their ingenuity and craftsmanship (craftswoman ship?)!  There were also many vendors with tempting displays of fabrics, patterns, handy rulers, etc.  I came home with just one book of patterns and instructions.  On the way home we commented on how certain patches of grass were turning green!

This morning showed a totally different scene.  Steady snow all night put about an inch on the balcony railings and, though you can't detect it in this picture, it is still snowing steadily.

Since last Wednesday I've been on spring break. With the wintry weather I figure this is time to do indoor activity.  I got out some of my sewing projects.  
First up is S's quilt.  The last time you saw this it was on the living room floor, all the blocks laid out in order.  What you see here is the upper right hand quarter of that quilt, all sewed together.  This piece is 7 blocks wide and 7 blocks long.  Next I'll sew another 7 x 7 block piece, and then join them to make a 7 block by 14 block half quilt.  I will "sandwich" that and quilt it.  Then I'll sew the other  (left side) half of the quilt together and quilt that.  The next step will be to sew the top halves together and hand stitch the batting and backing together.  Last of all come the borders, also quilted, and the binding finishes everything off.

Why am I bothering?  Just to make it doable on my domestic sewing machine.  I have a Janome Horizon with an 11" throat, but I still don't want to handle this very large quilt in one piece.

This pattern comes from a very good scrap quilt book: Fun and Easy Scrap Quilting from House of White Birches.  It's meant to be a scrappy quilt, but also works very well this way.  If you cut and sew accurately, it's a very easy quilt to put together.  Someday I'll have to do a scrappy version.

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