Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Odds 'n Ends

This has been the winter that just won't quit.  Finally near the end of last week we had some warm days and got rid of most of the snow.  There are still leftover piles in the shadiest spots.

Here's the Dear One repairing winter damage to the driveway.  He has already gone over it with the tractor bucket, smoothing out the ridges.  Then he spread the load of washed rock with the tractor, and now he's finishing up with the finer smoothing out.

Because we had a lot of snow this past winter he often cleared the driveway with the tractor bucket.  When the ground started to thaw the bucket would gouge the ground and mix dirt, gravel and snow together into big piles.

Here's one of the resident geese sheltering behind a dirt/gravel/snow pile at the low end of the parking lot.  The pair were wandering around the other.  I tried to get a good picture, but they were staying behind the pile, and the wind was too cold for me to hang out long enough for a good picture.

Last week was pretty full: Violin lessons on Tuesday plus  Quilt Club's final meeting: a show and tell to which we invite guests and then serve snacks and give out door prizes.  Wednesday more lessons and the student string group.  We're working toward our final concert on May 15.  Thursday morning a three hour quartet rehearsal.  Very fun, but also tiring.  Friday evening, 5 to 7 p.m., the quartet performed classical music as background for a Faculty Reception at the Bible College.  Saturday a symphony concert in Red Deer.  Excellent as usual!  And Sunday morning Jim was preaching at the Red Deer CRC so that filled out a week full of activity.  So that is meant to explain my absence here on blogger.

Today we expected a delivery of trees and shrubs, but it didn't arrive.  It's coming from Manitoba, so it will probably be here tomorrow morning.  We hope for nicer weather!

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