Saturday, April 13, 2013

Not good enough!

I made a lot of progress this week on various projects.  One of them was S's quilt. When I had about one third of the blocks made I realized that my 1/4" foot was making a fat quarter inch seam, and all directions call for a scant quarter in seam.  On an 8" block, a nine patch, that made a significant difference.  I figured I'd "fudge" the seams when the time came.  Well, here is a sample of a "fudged" seam, and it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!  I have made the painful decision that each one of the "too small" blocks has to be taken apart and resewed.

You may need to click on the picture to enlarge it enough to see the "too small" seam.

After making two new blocks to replace the "too small" blocks, I realized that was a waste of fabric.  The strips had not been cut too small.  The seams had just been a smidgen too large.  It takes about 20 minutes to redo a block, ripping the seams and resewing, but if you are quilting and want it to turn out well, it's the thing to do!!!

I do have the larger half of the top completely sewn together.  I have the backing cut to fit.  Now I need to cut the batting, make the sandwich and start the quilting.

Another topic:  Does it ALWAYS have to snow on Saturday?  Third weekend in a row!  We were scheduled to go to southern Alberta (Granum) tomorrow, but called and said we couldn't make it.  It would be foolish to risk our lives on slippery highways when we have the choice of staying safe and snug at home.

Too bad!  We had just gotten to the point of seeing about half open field and half snow covered.  Now all is white once again!

However, when we see the pictures of tornado damage in the southern U.S. on the news, we know we can't complain.  Except for worrying about some meltwater coming into the house, we are safe and snug and warm!

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  1. you certainly do keeop busy with your multitude of prjects!! Really ejoy reading about you and all you do - and you relate your views on the weather and so on so well - glad to see the snow is almost gone - perhaps something may get the hint that we need some green in our lives now!! Keep writing - I SO love reading about your activities!!