Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Off, One On

Last night the moon was full and when I got up very early this morning the outdoor scene was bright.  The fresh layer of new snow reflecting the moonlight added to the effect.  Wherever I looked at least two deer were visible, browsing on the landscape.  Although we very much dislike the destruction of shrubs and trees that deer inflict, the scene was eerily beautiful.

Since one knitting project came off the needles yesterday, last evening a new project was begun.  A long time ago I found an attractive knitting project on the back of a Bernat yarn label.  I can't say what this project is because it will be a gift for one of the "kids" meaning one of our grown up children.  The label is to the left, and you can see the printing is small, small, small!!!  I was trying to read it last night while watching an interesting PBS program on Ai Wei Wei.  Because most of the conversation was in Chinese and made available by English subtitles, I gave up on the knitting.

This morning I transcribed the pattern on my laptop and now it's readable at a glance.  The yellow sticky is to keep track of which row I'm on.

When we were in Waxahachie, Nevada last October I bought yarn for this project--a nice tweedy brown called "Coffee Fleck" at the ridiculously low sale price of $2.00 for 100g (3 1/2 oz).  The pattern calls for two balls of 100g.  This is the first try at this pattern.  After just a few rows I realized the yarn was way too heavy for the pattern and the project would become way too large. 

 So I went "stash diving."

I found a very suitable yarn, one that had been given to me many years ago.  It's a scheepjes yarn, 100% cotton, called "Granada."  Scheepjes is a Dutch yarn company.  

There were five balls, some partly used.  They totalled 250 grams, and the pattern calls for 200 grams, so I figure there is enough to finish the project.  No, it's not a sweater--the yarn, being cotton and quite unyielding, is not suitable for a sweater, but perfect for the project I have in mind.

A new project is always so inspiring!  This isn't a big project, so it shouldn't take long to complete.  Then we're on to some more socks, also planned for gifts.

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