Friday, February 15, 2013

Snailish Mail and flowers

 The Dear One gave me a dozen roses for Valentines' Day.  Here you see him reading in the background and the very lovely salmon coloured roses on the dining room table.  Sadly, they immediately began drooping, and it seems they will be finished by this coming Sunday.

Last year for a treat he had a barbershop quartet serenade me at the Arts Academy.  They popped up on the stage while I was teaching a violin lesson, and it took me a minute to realize what was going on.  At first I thought, Do they think they can just rehearse up there while I teaching right here?  Then I realized they were singing to me!  I sat down and enjoyed it.

This is our second pot of daffodils, and these are blooming nicely.  They
are so fresh and springlike they cheer the whole place.

What's even more cheering is the weather we are having today: we hit a high of +8º, equivalent to 48ºF, made even nicer by an absence of wind.  Utterly the best weather we've seen since we headed south last October!

We've rented out the condo we bought in Arizona for the long term.  Our renter signed a year long lease, so we will be looking for other accommodations when we go there next October.

She didn't want to use all the furniture in the condo, so we made arrangements to store some of it.  On January 29 I mailed a registered letter to the storage depot with a signed contract and the identification they needed to make the rental legal.  Amazingly, that letter has still not been delivered!  We could have driven back and forth three times since then.

The Canada Post tracking service shows that it was received in the U.S., in Los Angeles, on January 31.  How can it take over two weeks to go from California to Arizona?  I think I could walk that distance in two weeks!  Next time I'll rely on a fax to send something like that!

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  1. When I mail something to Kelowna it can take two weeks or more to arrive there ----> which is totally unbelievable!! When we went there at Christmas I forgot to take the sparkle silver shoes with me for the grand daughter so opted to send them via UPS - the ten $ shoes turned into 28$ shoes BUT they were delivered the next day - compared to $15 for Canada post and they guaranteed it would arrive in Kelowna sometime within the next week - UNREAL Beautiful floweres - sounds like you had a good Valentines day and Family day!!