Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Day in Alberta

Today was Family Day, I guess throughout Canada.  A very nice idea in the middle of February, a long weekend and lots to do on the Monday.  Free admission to museums, skating rinks, swimming pools, etc.  Since we have no family nearby, the Dear One and I celebrated with a leisurely day at home.

That gave me the opportunity to finish up a project that had its beginning a year ago in December when we were visiting #2 son and his family in the lower mainland.  I went to a good fabric store with our DDIL looking for good knit fabric to make long sleeved turtle neck tee shirts for Jim.  That's his standard garb, even right up to the very hottest days in summer, when he might possibly consider wearing a cotton shirt.

While in that great fabric store, after I found lots of appropriate knits, DDIL said, Don't you want to look at the quilting area?  Well, of course I did.

There were great projects displayed throughout that area, and  both of us were immediately attracted to a "Farmer's Market" lap quilt.  I decided to make one for her, but because they had no kits made up I had to buy the fabric by the 1/2 meter.  That gave me twice as much as I needed, but I wasn't worried about that!

A year ago January when we went to Edmonton to watch the dear granddaughter in a synchronized skating competition, I took along the finished quilt for the DDIL.

This past December when I went to the rural quilting group I needed a simple project along as the things I was working on were too complicated to take out for the day.  So I picked up the remaining fruit fabric and began a second quilt, just like the first one.  This is a quick pattern, so I soon had the blocks made, and began shifting them around on the design wall.  There was a picture of that sometime last month.

Last Tuesday this was the project I took along to the town guild, and finished the machine quilting that day.

I had run out of the blueberry fabric after the first quilt, but had found more when the guild went on its shop hop last spring, so I had enough for the blocks, the border and backing, but not enough to make the binding of the same material.  I looked through my stash and came up with a wonderful substitute, in fact, I think I like it better than the blueberry binding.  It has all the colours in the quilt, except the yellow, and makes an excellent finish.

Here's a look at the quilting, which this time is a series of loops along a curvy line.  It can be interpreted as a whole bunch of "L's."

This quilt is going to be a gift for a good friend's birthday, and has been finished two months ahead of time!

Oh, the sad part is that not one of the long sleeved turtle neck shirts has even been begun.  Can't see to shake myself loose from all this quilting!

I just checked and the other posting of this quilt was a year ago on January 31.

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  1. these quilts are absolutely beautiful!! I love all the bright fresh colous you chose for these !!