Monday, January 30, 2012

Three Great Weekends

Lately we've been out of town on weekends, and having a fun time.  On the 14th of January I went to Calgary with the Accordion Group.  That evening they were part of a concert composed of MANY accordion groups and a few solo performances.  The concert started at 7 p.m. and finished about 9:40.  That was a lot of accordion music!

Much of the music was very well played, but I found myself wishing that pieces such as "Claire de Lune" by Debussy were being played on piano, not accordion.  It's just not my instrument.

Our group did well with their two numbers, stuck together and played with verve.  That was the first time they participated in this gathering of groups from Southern Alberta.

Then on the 21st we attended another concert by the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra.  I'm impressed especially by the string section.  They played some very fast music, and they played it cleanly and well.  Their bowing is always very well co-ordinated.  Not only are they together on the up bows and down bows, but they consistently play with the same bow technique throughout.  That is, they are matching in what part of the bow they use and the type of stroke they use, etc.  Very pleasurable for me to watch!

When we go there for a concert, we stay at a motel overnight and attend church there in the morning.  We also went to some friends' home for a light luncheon, and enjoyed visiting with them.

That Sunday was the day we got out of the cold snap and into more pleasant weather.

And this past weekend we had the pleasure of attending a synchronized skating competition in Edmonton that our granddaughter's team participated in.  They and one other team were the youngest skaters there.  K. has been part of this team only this current school year.  I don't know about the other skaters on the team, how long they've been doing this.

You can see from the picture that they have lots of spirit and verve, but not that much synchronicity.  I was thrilled with their performance.  It had lots of dash and style.  The other team gave a very careful, muted performance, but outranked our girls by quite a few points because of doing all the required elements quite precisely.  That seems to be more important to the judges than flair.  Well, that's just the way it works.

So our girls went home with silver and the other team with gold.  Lucky for them there were only two teams!

It was also a great weekend for finishing up some projects, which I will show tomorrow.  

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