Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rosy Morning

This morning is dawning beautifully rosy.  The clouds are reflecting the warm, rosy light onto the landscape.  Unfortunately, a photo never really captures what the eye sees.

We've been having an unusually mild winter, which makes getting around so much easier.  Yesterday Calgary hit a record high for the day: +15ºC, which is the equivalent of +58ºF.  I believe we were warmer than Florida lately.  Amazing!

Here's a common scene in the morning:
the usual breakfast buffet being served in the garden out back, sometimes to as many as a dozen.

Quick, Jim, slip on your boots and jacket and run them off!  The "Bambi" factor disappears quickly when the all-too-plentiful and totally unintimidated deer start munching up the landscape.

Either Jim or I get on our boots and run out, waving our arms and screeching as horribly as possible.

That's the only way to startle them into leaving--for a little while anyway!
Anyone for a nice venison roast?

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  1. In our drives where we used to see a herd of deer last year, we have NOT seen any!! Even though yours are pests, it was nice to see that they are still around! There used to be a herd of 18 + last year by the pasture on the south side of the road, and we haven't seen any! Thanks for sharing the photos