Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Three Finished Projects

 This weekend was a great one for finishing projects.  First up was the lap quilt I was making for our dear daughter-in-law.  Since we planned to see them in Edmonton I had the opportunity to give it to her directly, and save the expense of mailing it.  So I worked on it this past week, and by Thursday evening it was complete.  I was able to give it to her during a brief visit in our motel room on Friday evening while the granddaughters attended some function.

That was great because the next morning DDIL was struck down by a virulent flu and spent the day in their motel room, where the washroom was right at hand.

The next morning we had breakfast with our  son and two granddaughters.  I was able to give the younger girl her sweater that I had started last July.  This needed some extra length of the sleeves.  On the way to Edmonton I sewed the sleeves in while Jim drove, and that evening in the motel I sewed on the cute little heart buttons.

I never travel without knitting projects, so one of the things I had along was this pair of red socks.  They are the "trial pair" from last summer when I started knitting toe up socks for the first time.  They had been finished earlier, but I decided the ribbing was too short, so this weekend I took out the bind off and added a few inches.  The yarn was a left-over from the eighties when I knitted a cute little red sweater for the oldest grandson.  The pattern came from Threads and had elephants on the front with separate ears and trunks, and on the back with tails.  I had bought a bag of yarn at Walmart and there was plenty left.  It made a nice, warm pair of socks for around the house.

So the weekend, besides being fun with the skating events, was fruitful in the craft area also.

I had one other project along, a shawl I'm knitting for an elderly friend.  I've mentioned it before and will show more about it tomorrow.

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