Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Next Big Thing in Knitting

The next big thing in knitting will be that makers of yarn will realize that we knitters want to pull the yarn from the centre of the ball, and will actually provide a nice little tab with the inner end of yarn attached.  Then we can gently pull out the yarn end, and knit from the centre of the ball.  That means the ball of yarn does not roll around in your lap or on the floor while you are knitting.  Although I very carefully felt around for the yarn end, this enormous hunk was what I managed to pull out.

I carefully wound it around the ball to keep it from getting all tangled.  When I started knitting this lacy shawl I had to perch the yarn in this vase to hold it upright for lifting off the extra yarn from the centre.

The pattern and yarn came from a Mary Maxim catalogue.  I liked the pattern and thought it would make a good present for an elderly friend who will celebrate her 91st birthday in April.  She lives in a care home because she is too forgetful to be alone.  I've mentioned her before in other posts.  She was always an elegant woman and I hope she will enjoy this lacy, delicate shawl.

The pattern starts with just nine stitches.  Now, on row 22, there are already 97 stitches, and the next row will see the number rise to 121.  At the end there will be 289 stitches per row.  I'm already using my Denise needles, and will be able to make the cable longer and longer as more stitches are added.  When the shawl is complete I'll post a picture.


  1. this looks to be a very pretty shawl - your elegant lady friend will surely like it - it will keep her cozy for sure! Are Denise needles also referred to as round ?

    1. Denise needles are interchangeable. I'll post a picture of them later on today. There are several sizes in the set, and several cables to join them, so there is an almost endless variety that you can make out of one set.