Friday, July 22, 2011

Store Eggs/Farm Eggs

We are very fortunate to have a source of fresh, free range eggs available.  My good friend and quilting buddy Linda lives on a farm about 8 miles from here  She and her husband have a flock of about 200 hens who run happily about the farmyard all day, finding edibles and enjoying the fresh air.  At night they return to their coop and Wally closes and latches the door to keep them safe from coyotes.

Once in a while I run out of eggs and think I'm too busy to go pick up some fresh eggs, or even to ask Linda if she's coming this way soon. Then I buy a dozen from the local IGA.  It's always a mistake, because we are just spoiled by those good, rich farm eggs.  That's how it was when I fried eggs for the Dear One for breakfast this week.  Using the last "store" egg and the first "farm" egg gave quite a contrast:
The farm egg is on the right, of course.  The rich yellow comes from the natural foods that the hens find around the farmyard.  The farm egg looks smaller than the store egg, but that's only because the white is so much firmer.  It's actually a larger egg. An egg white that holds it shape is a sure sign of a fresh egg.

Here's a view of the inside of their spacious quarters:
Looks like an authentic hen house to me.  I took this picture a few years ago when D.D.#2 and her children visited the farm with me.  We also got to see a big litter of brand new little piglets at that time.

Grandson #3 was allowed to find an egg in a nest, pick it up and take it home with him.  I made sure that he had that egg for breakfast the next morning. This is one of our enjoyments in life: farm fresh eggs with home made whole wheat toast, topped with fresh home made raspberry jam.  Yum!!!

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  1. The egg comparisons are aweome! I remember a few years ago, I was baking a cake called a "Delicious Cake" and was upset when it came out so YELLOW!!! Phoned my Mom, and she explained to me "It is your eggs - they are darker in colour now so the cake will be too!!" So the white cake is white in the winter and lemony colour in summer!