Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Lap Quilt

After the kids and grandkids left two weeks ago yesterday I started a new quilting project.  That's my idea of a nice treat.

I had a bag of strips that someone had given to me and started sewing them together, a light and dark.  They were approximately 3" x 6 1/2".  After trimming them and cutting them in half, I sewed these halves to other halves and ended up with several four patch squares.  These went up on the design board--there were about 24 of them.

That got to be kind of boring, so I looked for another design and found this:
It's from one of those "block a day" quilt calendars.  I think it looks a little dull in blue and white, but thought it would adapt very well to a "scrappy" look.  So I hauled out all my boxes of quilting fabrics and a found pieces that would work.  I needed 6" squares to make the half square triangles, one square light and the other square dark, giving the squares which are diagonally half white and half blue.

These were faster to make than the four patch squares and quickly added up to enough for a large lap quilt.  So here's the completed top.

I like it a lot and enjoyed making it.  It comes out of the odds and ends that weren't being used for anything else.  The narrow inner border and wider outer border came from larger pieces in the stash that had been bought for another purpose and then not used.

I plan to bind it with the same material as the dark red of the inner border.

Yesterday I went to the LQS and bought some flannel for the back, a nice deep rusty red with deer antlers sprinkled around.  That cost just over $27, but I have almost a meter left for another project.  It was the end of the bolt, so I bought what they had.  That was a good thing, because it shrank when I washed it, as flannels will, and went from 46" wide (just what I needed) to 43" wide, necessitating a piece added along the side.

This will be a "comfort" quilt that our local quilt club gives to people suffering from some personal problems such as cancer treatments, house fires, etc.  It's a good masculine looking quilt and a good size (46" x 56"), large for a lap quilt so it will be good for some large fellow.

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  1. This is beautiful - I love the colours and the contrast affect that is so colourful!!