Saturday, July 16, 2011

Funny Corn

Remember the corn I grew last year? I posted it on September 4, 2010.  It towered over my head, but had precious few ears, and only two of those ears ever ripened enough to be eaten.

This year we have the opposite story.  This is a new variety called Vitality (from William Dam Seeds in Ontario).  It's a bicoloured hybrid, much like Peaches & Cream that I grew last year.  But this is supposed to mature in just 66-68 days.

Jim started the seed in the greenhouse in March while I was away in Chile.  He planted it out in the raised bed in April, and was really fortunate that we needed to cover it only three times to protect it from frost.

Jim is reading the Toronto Globe and Mail right now; that's his Saturday treat.  So I don't want to bother him to take my picture with this short corn.  The tallest plants come only to my shoulders, and the average plant is just to my waist.

They are not wasting energy on leaves, but each plant has an average of three cobs, close to the ground.  I'm really interested to see what we get here!  Edible corn by the end of July?

I'll keep you posted.

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