Thursday, October 14, 2010

What a wonderful life!

I managed to get all the cleaning finished, the beds set up and the tables arranged for all 14 of us before the deadline. Didn't get any baking done, but IGA has a good in-store bakery, so I just bought what we needed.

Jim picked up the first bunch, daughter #1 and her three children (22, 20 and 19) on Thursday morning. Dear son #1 had flown in the night before and was visiting a friend. Son #2 arrived around noon with his two daughters, rented a vehicle and met #1. They traveled here together. Around 4 p.m. daughter #2 arrived with husband, son and daughter, and then we were all together. We were missing our daughter-in-law, but she had visited in August as she knew already then that she would not be able to come at Thanksgiving.

Lots of visiting, lots of eating, lots of game playing--just a really good time together. The four young grandchildren played and played and played together. I didn't hear one quarrel among them. They were in the large downstairs family room, and the older grandkids and adults were upstairs in the living room.

When we had the whole gang together five years ago we went to a photographer and had a family picture taken. This time we decided to do it ourselves. This first snap was an accidental one, while we were trying to get the digital camera to do a self-timer pic. Zack is missing from the shot--he was setting the camera.

The second picture we are finally paying attention, and it turned out not too badly.
We took several shots, and also several
snaps of the separate family components.
One that missed out was our still single
son, and I felt so bad when I realized we
didn't have a good picture of him by himself!

He and I plan to go to Chile in March and do some hiking in a national park there. That will be a good opportunity to get several good photos of him.

We had terrific weather. The last week or so has been the best weather we've had since last summer! The farmers are out in the fields, and the harvest is being gathered in.

As the old newspaper articles used to put it: a good time was had by all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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