Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Alone at IMax

Between Fremont and Omaha there was some pretty new pavement on Hwy 275 that made the tires whistle continuously. It was pretty much all on a Bb, with occasional diversions to a D, and once, going over a bridge the pitch lowered to an A. Enough to drive a person crazy!

Because we arrived in Omaha by noon, we had time to go to the zoo, and to take in a showing of "Bugs" in the IMax theatre there. We made sure to get in line by about 10 to 3 for a 3 o'clock showing. I have a picture of Jim seated all alone in the theatre, but for some reason Blogspot won't upload the pictures I took today. We had a good laugh about being all alone in that auditorium, and then a family with one young child came in to see the film with us.

I'd been to Calgary Zoo in August with the daughter-in-law and granddaughters, and had been so amazed at how much better it was than when we visited in the 70's with our young children. Omaha Zoo also has some very fine exhibits, but I was a little disappointed. Some of the exhibits in buildings were so poorly lit that it was impossible to read the signage. Other exhibits lacked signage altogether, and the gorilla house had only signage, but no gorillas. Wish they had let us know before entering the exhibit that the gorillas were not there at present.

The weather was perfect for an outdoor afternoon at the zoo. When we left about 6:30 p.m., the temperature was still a balmy 74º. Heard on the weather report this morning that these temperatures are about 10º above normal for this time of year. We'll take it!

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