Saturday, October 2, 2010

Summer's Here!

See that thermometer? After a cold, rainy summer we are having glorious weather. Brilliant sunshine, terrific fall colours, and no wind. Couldn't be better for the farmers trying to get the harvest in.

Had a really fruitful week, with oodles accomplished. On Tuesday I taught paper piecing at the local quilting club from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. I had prepared very careful, very detailed directions, which I duplicated for each member. What surprised me was how many people, after being shown the first step, just charged ahead without consulting me or the printed directions. They got into trouble, of course. But we had a good time together.

All the kids and grandkids are arriving next Thursday (except the dear daughter-in-law who visited in August), so I'm on a real cleaning binge. Defrosted both freezers, cleaned the garage, cleaned the garden shed, washed the windows upstairs, washed all the hardwood floor in the living and dining room area, and started cleaning kitchen cupboards and drawers. It feels sooo good to get those things done, not just for their visit, but also in preparation for the winter.

By the way, don't believe the reading on the thermometer; it's not accurate in the afternoon because it's in the sun. The more accurate reading on the back door thermometer is 24ºC (76ºF), and we're totally happy with that!

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