Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Authentic "Middle of Nowhere"

Today we drove through the northern area of Nebraska from west to east on Hwy 20. The scenery changed from real "West" to "MidWest" as we went. At first there were all humpy, little hills with sand just under the thin coating of grasses. It reminded me so much of southwestern Saskatchewan, such similar countryside.

This gave way to ranching country, dotted with windmills pumping water into stock tanks, most of them surrounded by black cattle (Black Angus, I'm guessing.) Then cultivated fields took over in rolling, fairly hilly prairie. Gradually the land flattened out, and corn fields predominated. Most of the corn has been harvested, and the same black cattle are out in the corn fields, grazing off the remnants, and refertilizing the fields at the same time.

In the western part of the state there are several very small towns along the highway. I'm talking small as in population: 48, 63, etc. Most of them look pretty dismal, and I think you could buy an old house in one of them for very little money. But what would you do there?

Farther east the towns are larger and appear more prosperous. By far the best business to be in here is a farm supply of some sort. A town like Neligh seems pretty inviting.

Most interesting sight of the day: three large wild tom turkeys, grubbing by the roadside. Wish I had a picture of them! But driving by, you get a glimpse, and then you're past them. Another picture I wish I got: a big billboard telling travellers that they are entering "The Middle of Nowhere"!!!!

Finally got out my knitting, and finished a 5 ft long scarf for Dear Son #1. Tomorrow I'll start on a tuque for myself, made from Noro Silk Garden. That will be something I design myself, and I have a few ideas. We'll see what works.

Presently we're relaxing in a Super 8, in Norfolk, Nebraska. It's a good life!

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