Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Today I finished the small quilt I'm calling "Windfarm" because it's all pinwheels.  This pattern was in the March/April issue of Quiltmaker, but in that form there were several different colours of pinwheels.  That made it tricky to piece because each center of block pinwheel had four "blades" of another colour surrounding it.  Each of them, in turn needed to match the colour blades in the blocks surrounding the current block.  A little hard to explain, and much, much harder to do as you are making the blocks.

My version uses just two colours of pinwheels, vastly simplifying the process.
This will be a donated "comfort quilt" either here or in Arizona.

I was so enthusiastic about this quilt when I started making it, but was very thankful that I had made just twelve blocks when I sewed it together.  It was a beast to sew together as each quarter of each block had four bias seams.  It was really hard to get the blocks sewn together properly.  So this quilt is a "one off."  I won't make another in this pattern.  Funny how some patterns just match up beautifully and others give a lot of trouble!

Yesterday we had a year-end windup: a Show and Tell with snacks that we invite friends to come see what we've made.  It's always fun and was especially nice this year.  I forgot to take my camera, so I'll ask Cathy to send me some photos to share.

This morning we took delivery of a lot of plants, trees and shrubs from Jeffries Nurseries in Portage la Prairie, Sask.  The driver arrived when we said he would, our neighbours helped with two fork lifts and two drivers.  In about 45 minutes it was all unloaded and placed in the greenhouse.  The driver did such a good job that I am going to call the trucking company to tell them what a good driver he is.  See you later.

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