Saturday, April 28, 2018


I always look forward to the day when I can hang out the wash to dry on the line.  Today was that day!  We had had sufficiently warm weather earlier this week, but the slab of cement to stand on for hanging out the wash was covered with a big snow pile until this morning.  I had helped the melting along yesterday by chopping at the pile and washing some away with the hose.

There was a lot of laundry piled up waiting to be done:
That's a lot for just two people!
Here are loads #5 and #6 on the line.  The first "summer" laundry day is such an event I always take a picture!
Before that there were four loads of whites on the line.  That included all of our bedding.  Yesterday I "unexpectedly" did the spring-cleaning of our bedroom: washed walls, windows, rubbed the furniture with orange oil, took off all the bedding and the eyelet valances, vacuumed the spring and mattress, vacuumed the rug, washed the mirrors.  Wow!

I was very stiff when I got up this morning.  You know the cure for stiffness from unusual exercise (cleaning all that in one day was unusual exercise): it's MORE of the same!  So I worked really hard today--that included finishing the window washing on the main floor.  Some had been done earlier this week, and now that spring cleaning job is finished!  Yay!
A clean house makes me feel so good!  

Oh, and I scrubbed the balcony floor.  That's 7' x 44', so it's not a small job.  I hook up the hose by the back door, thread it through the window, run it to one of the living room windows that looks out on the balcony.  Spray, scrub with a push broom, rinse well.  Tiring work!  But, oh, it looks so much better with the winter grime removed, and the accumulated bird leavings scrubbed off!

I'm cutting and sewing a "Disappearing Four Patch" lap quilt.  It would have been nice to sew today, but the next three days are forecast to be cold and rainy.  That's good sewing weather.  I'll post a picture when the quilt top is together.

Now for a glass of cold water, a cookie (?), a book and my feet up on the coffee table in the sun space.

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