Sunday, April 8, 2018


Today I am trying out something I haven’t done before—using my new iPad to make a blogpost.  AND I want to learn how to import a photo from the camera.  So here goes.
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Well, that was a bust!  Couldn't find the way to get a photo taken with my iPad to the blog post, written on the iPad.  Someone will know how to do that--I'll ask around.


We got up this morning to another new layer of snow!  This is a winter that just won't quit.  And we are all so ready to see some green!  I thought about complaining.  Then we watched the latest chapter of The Kennedys on CNN.  So much talent, so much promise,  So Much Tragedy!  It's heart wrenching even now. fifty five years later.

On the day JFK was killed I was in my first year of teaching.  It was a Friday afternoon, near the end of the day.  My fifth grade class was busy with an art project.  The principal came to our room and delivered the dire news.  Who doesn't remember where they were and what they were doing when we heard the news.  If only. . . .

When that program ended we turned to CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and watched the last part of the service in Humboldt, Saskatchewan.  This was a community service following the dreadful accident on Friday that killed 15 members of the Humboldt Broncos Hockey team.  What we saw of the service was very good.  The politicians in Humboldt had decided that the leaders of faith--the pastors of the various churches there--should be in charge of the service.  There were hymns and prayers in the part of the service that we watched.  One of the hymns was "What a Friend we have in Jesus."  Would you hear a hymn like that sung in a memorial service in Toronto--or any other major city.

Could it be that being sophisticated means losing something deeply basic and comforting?

Also, this afternoon I finished reading one of Jodi Picoult's latest books, Small Great Things.  I heartily recommend it!  I hope that many people read it and take its message to heart, a message that is desperately needed in these times of deep divisions and hatreds.

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