Monday, April 3, 2017


That quilt that I'm working on is coming along.  The design board is quite inadequate for this quilt, which is intended to be about 104" x 104".  So the top blocks are folded over. What you see is 2/3 (almost) of the right side of  the top 1/3.

I'm quilt pleased with how it's looking.  These blocks are not sewed together, just slightly overlapping.  I like that the coloured squares are "vari-coloured" and not all just a dark blue print as the pattern had it.

I did a little figuring this morning as I was sewing.  Each block takes at least an hour to sew together.  That's not counting cutting time and time to sew the strips into 5 strip sets, which are then cut into sections.  Each block has 100 little squares.  There are 9 large blocks (finished), 24 oblong blocks (6 finished), and 20 small square blocks (cornerstones, 4 finished).  This morning I counted up the pieces in this quilt and realized that there are 5,300 pieces.  No wonder it seems like it's kind of slow going!!!

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