Sunday, April 9, 2017


Not such an inspiring Title to this post!  Last Monday I wrote about how well the big, new quilt is coming along.  Well, that was it for this past week.

I don't know where the time went, but when I did go to quilting in the country group I decided to take along two unfinished projects.  One was a very large purple quilt that I made last year.   I had bought some 108" wide backing and found it didn't stop bleeding in the wash.  So I got another 3 meters and made a not-so-heavy quilt with just the purple.  That way it will be washed by itself and not have a chance to spoil any other material.

The other project was just a "use up what's left" idea.  Some years ago I made two lap quilts from fruit and vegetable prints.  There were some fabric scraps left and sometime during the past year I started sewing them on half squares along with a green and black print.  I used up pretty much all of the fruit/veggie fabric and then cooked up a layout:

It's 36" x 36" and will make a nice table topper.  I hope to finish this this week.  The last Tuesday of April the town quilting group will have its "Show and Tell" to which we invite lots of friends.  We display what we've made and then have snacks and sometimes some games.  It's always a fun time.  And, since I have very few things to show--just this and the finished donation quilt, I'll take along some older quilts that haven't been shown lately.

I plan to use a simple fabric for the batting and the same green print for the back and the binding.

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