Monday, March 6, 2017


All the blocks for the quilt top started last Friday are completed and have been laid out on the underside of a cheap plastic table cloth.  It's called flannel backed, but if that's flannel, I'll eat my quilt.  It is, however, "grabby" enough to hang onto the blocks and keep them in order.  You can even roll up the tablecloth with the plastic side outside the roll.  This is a good way to transport a quilt without losing the order you want to keep the blocks in.

Now that they are arranged it's time to sew them together.  For this I follow Bonnie Hunter's method called "Webbing the Top".  You can find it if you go to, click on "Tips and Techniques" and scroll down to "Webbing the Top."  It's a great method for keeping all your blocks where you want them when you gather them up to sew them into rows.

From the right hand side rows 1 & 2 have been sewn together.  Then rows 3 & 4 were sewed together. Then rows 3 & 4 were placed right sides together on top of rows 1 & 2. The seam between rows 2 & 3 was sewed. I'm talking about the vertical seams.  The horizontal seams will be sewed after all the vertical seams are complete.

You can also see in the snap that the first three blocks of row 6 have been laid on top of the 1st three blocks (vertically speaking of row 5.  Here's a close up of that:

I have learned a LOT from Bonnie Hunter; she's a great resource not only for techniques, but also for patterns, which she shares generously.  THANK YOU, BONNIE! 

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