Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Last Saturday the Dear One went to Morrinville to pick up our "plug" order.  Plugs are small plants in a finger sized bit of dirt.  They come about 500 to a tray and all need to be transplanted into 4- or 6-packs, or into individual pots.  We're almost finished doing the transplanting, and the greenhouse is starting to look prosperous.
This next is a picture of some Dahlias that I transplanted today.  These were quite easy to do as they are a pretty good size already.  They are planted individually in 4" pots.
The first tray I transplanted were pansies, and these particular plants were very small.  I've put my finger by them to give you an idea of the size.
This week I transplanted about 2,000 of these little things.  It's really dirty work as I scoop up the potting soil by hand to stuff it into the pots or 4 packs.  Then I take the tray to the potting table and poke the little plugs out of the 500 plant tray onto the table.  I stick my finger into the soil to make a hole and pop the little plant into the hole, then press the soil down around it.  2,000 times in the last few days.  Makes for VERY dirty hands!

After the initial excitement of buying the material for the new quilt, I made myself finish up the donation quilt that had been started.  In fact, all it needed was the machine quilting, which I finished that Saturday morning.  It needed some material for binding, and I found this dark blue at the IDA where I buy most of my material.  (Yes, it's a drug store, but they have a very good fabric section.  Wonderful! Because otherwise I'd have to drive an hour to buy thread, material, etc.)

After I did that machine quilting (stitch in the ditch for that quilt) I did cut out all the coloured strips for the new quilt and half of the beige background strips.

I got to work on the largest blocks (supposed to be 20" but mine are not that large--mainly because I've sewed a fairly generous 1/4" seam.)  Pretty soon I'll post a picture of the blocks that are completed--7 of the needed 9 large blocks.  Tomorrow I'm going to the country quilting group and hope to finish lots more.

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