Thursday, January 5, 2017


Musically speaking this has been a VERY exciting week!

Monday was quiet--no organ practice because the church office staff had the day off and that means that the sanctuary is locked.  But number one son and I had a good time going to Arizona Art Supplies.  I bought him some sketching materials for his birthday present (birthday coming on January 10--his big 50!) and some alcohol ink supplies for myself.  What an interesting place that is to look at what's on the shelves.  Tim commented when we left, "For that small space it has a very high value in inventory.  I don't think any other type of store could pack that much value into that small space!"

Tuesday was an organ practice day.  Wow!  I could sure tell that it had been a few weeks since I was free to go practice.  Ever since the 12th of December.  But it just requires some concentrated to work to get back on the track again.

Wednesday morning we had a Sun Cities Chamber Orchestra rehearsal.  And a very good rehearsal it was.  Lots of concentrated work.  The principal violist was substituting for the conductor who has a serious case of shingles, so I got to sit on the first stand.  So much more fun to play up in the inner circle!  We were working on music for the concert scheduled for February 5.  Much of it was unfamiliar and we were sight-reading a lot of it.    But that was fun, too.

And Wednesday afternoon I had my first organ lesson in 45 years!  That was so exciting that I actually had trouble sleeping last night.  I have a few new pieces learn and some techniques to practice.  But my practice time of the pipe organ at church is limited to Mondays and Tuesdays, and now perhaps an hour before my lesson on Wednesdays.  Gloria, the church organist and my teacher, has loaned me a keyboard to practice on at home on the days I cannot access the church organ.  So after choir rehearsal this afternoon I took home a Yamaha keyboard.  That was pretty exciting too!

This evening I spent about an hour playing on the keyboard.  Well, it surely isn't the same as playing my lovely grand piano at home-home, but it IS a whole lot better than not touching a keyboard from Wednesday to Monday.  Thank you, Gloria!


  1. Dear Cousin Louise, Jim, and family,
    I read your recent blog from 1-5-2017 with great interest. I am wondering whether you did receive our Christmas letter. I sent it to your Arizona address.

    Blessings Always,
    Marcia Behrens (Haan)

  2. Marcia Behrens (Haan)January 11, 2017 at 1:24 PM

    Dear Louise, Jim, and family,
    Well, I wasn't sure which "profile" selection would work, so I chose "Anonymous." I might get this right, yet!!