Sunday, January 1, 2017


It's been a quiet beginning to 2017.  We went to bed last night around 10 p.m., as per usual, and had a sound sleep.  Woke up in the new year.  That's good!

Back to the carpet guys:  Kenny's crew returned around 10 on Tuesday morning, and this time included his dad, Jessie.  Jessie spent the day working on new baseboards for the living room.  They had been pried up in order to lay the laminate.  I had figured on sanding and painting them before they were replaced, but found they were just too beat up.  Jessie went to Home Depot and bought new, white primed base boards.  I'm really glad we decided to do that, as they look 100% better than the old ones.

I thought the fellows had a rather late start on a day when they needed to lay new carpet in two bedrooms and two 5' x 5' closets plus moving back all the furniture.  Here's a few snaps from that day:
They first tried to shove the sofa bed into the little bathroom.  Oh, oh, no go!  You see the old carpet here.  The sofa bed ended up near the kitchen.

Once all the old carpet was disposed of it was time to carry in the new carpet from the truck.  But it came, all of it for the two bedrooms and closets in one huge roll:
The roll was too big to lay out anywhere in the condo,  so they solved it by laying it out on the road.  Not too much traffic going by, just one car they had to send another way.

O.K.  Now for the cutting.  Just like quilting and building with wood: measure twice (or more) and then cut:
Now it's ready to come inside:
In no time it was all in place a looking beautiful. 

Jessie had been working all this time on the baseboards, carefully cutting and fitting them in place.  Looks good!
In all respects they did a beautiful job.  They had their own vacuum cleaner and before they left everything was spic and span, at least as far as the floors went.  I found dust galore on tops of cupboards, fridge, etc.  That had all been stirred up when they scraped the floors free of old padding and glue.

I would recommend this crew anytime.  They were very pleasant and hardworking.  Never heard a cross word or a swear word.  They came when they said they would and finished when they said they would.


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