Sunday, November 20, 2016


It's a cold, rainy afternoon, dark and dreary.  We had the perfect lunch: chicken soup, warm bread with cheese.  Now how to occupy this afternoon?  Get out the sewing machine--the cute little Singer Featherweight--and put the final touches on a donation quilt.

There was a small stack of 6" and 4 1/2" flannel squares in the sewing room, ready for someone to make something of them.  I sewed the 4 1/2" squares together into four patches and then trimmed them to 6" on an angle.  They were sprinkled throughout the 6" squares and formed a nice flannel quilt top for a child's quilt.

At Bob's Variety there was some "just right" purple flannel for backing and binding.  Didn't it turn out well?

I did a meander machine quilting on this one, but chose pink for the top thread and variegated for the backing.  The pink was not a good choice, as it disappeared on the pink squares.  I had a few accidents: places where the loops of the meander crossed each other. Do you  think a child would notice that?

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