Sunday, March 13, 2016


Not much going on here lately, just the regular activities, including meetings of the two quilting groups, the town and the country.  I was teaching "Disappearing Four Patch" at the town group this past week.  When I demonstrate a technique I like to make a lap quilt, at least 40" x 50" as a sample.  These blocks were started in Arizona and came home to Alberta with me to be finished.  This afternoon I made the last one.  The blocks are sticking to my "design board," a batting covered 7' x 3' piece of foam insulation that I nailed to the wall--very handy.

This week I'll sew them together and add borders.  Probably a narrow dark red, then a wider beige, same as the background, and then bind it in either a dark red or a dark blue. This quilt will go back to AZ with me in the fall to be a donation quilt from the group there.  We make quilts and give them to the Fire Department and to The Love House, a refuge for abused and abandoned children.  I love it that they receive a quilt that is their very own, to keep for good.

I also finished the first of a pair of socks, shown recently being "ravelled" back one more time.

Dear Son #1 called this past week for a chat.  I asked him what he'd like for his birthday this year--his birthday is in January, so I'm pretty late with that.  But he promptly answered, "A hat," meaning a knitted hat.  His sister made him one for his birthday, but he'd like another.  He already has a few that I've made for him, including one made for our trip to Chile in '11, made from Chilean wool that my friend M. brought back from her trip there.

So I went to my stash and picked out two coordinating greens and started knitting.  At this point it doesn't look anything like a hat.  I suspect it's a proto type and not the finished version.  I won't publish a picture until after he has it, so it will come some time in the future.

My birthday comes up this week and a real treat is planned: we have tickets to go to Rosebud for a performance of "Wingfield Unbound," one in a series of very funny, one- actor plays about a fellow who moves from Toronto to a rural farm and the trials and misadventures he finds there.  We've seen a few plays in this series and find them very enjoyable.  They are available in DVD format also.  I'm really looking forward to that.

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