Monday, March 21, 2016


I had a very happy birthday on Thursday.  We went to Rosebud for a lovely buffet dinner with Saskatoon pie for dessert.  Delicious!  I visited the little gift shop across the street where I was able to buy a bar of my very favourite home-made soap, Prairie Sage.  Wonderful for complexions.

Then we had the great fun of attending a matinée performance of "Wingfield Unbound."  If you ever have a chance to see one of the plays in this series, don't pass it up!  Rod Beattie is extremely good at portraying all the different characters in this very funny series of plays about a Toronto stockbroker who "retires" to take up farming on 100 acres in rural Ontario.  It's just full of laughs, and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Friday we moved many trays of small plants from the growing benches in the basement out to the #1 greenhouse.  Things are gearing up for the greenhouse season.

Saturday Jim went to Morrinville to pick up many boxes of small plants.  When he got back at 3:30 p.m. S. and I were already in the greenhouse preparing.  We took all the boxes from the van into the greenhouse and started transplanting the geraniums into individual pots.  Today we were busy transplanting all sorts of annuals.  I did about 900 very small pansies into the 4 packs.  That was two trays full of plugs finished.  There are three more of pansies.  S. worked on other plants that went into single pots.  So we have a very good amount finished already.  The greenhouse is starting to look so nice with the shelves and tables filling up with green plants.

I did finish a quilt over the weekend: the "Picket Fence" which I've showed along the way.  Here it is, all complete:
This was a pattern that I found in a 1994 copy of Quiltmaker magazine.  Although I give away most of the quilts I make, this one is a "keeper."  It will go with us to Arizona next fall and reside on the back of the white sectional sofa there.

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