Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I finished the Disappearing Four Patch quilt top this morning and laid it out on the sewing room floor.  It measures 37.5" x 52.5".  It didn't look balanced with a layout of 5 blocks by 7 blocks.  The first solution that came to mind was to make another row of 7 blocks, making the quilt 6 blocks by 7 blocks.

The trouble with that is finding enough coordinating fabrics in about the same colour range.  It was hard enough to get this many that looked pretty decent together.  I doubt there are enough in my stash to make another seven.  The background is not a problem.  There's enough of that fabric left.

Another solution: take the end five blocks off and add them to the short side, making the quilt six blocks by six blocks, or 45" x 45", with the addition of one more new block.  It would have to be a dark blue block.  I think I could manage that.

Then I looked at the quilt from another angle:  This doesn't seem so bad.  Maybe I can just add borders and be done with it.  Maybe even do three borders on the "not long enough" side.

Anything goes in quilting!  It's just up to the quilter.

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