Monday, January 19, 2015


I met Lee Ann at the Quilting Group late in December.  She had come to ask for help in finishing her first quilt, a panel to which she wanted to attach borders.  She had picked some red and blue fabrics, which related beautifully to the panel picture.  I helped her cut and attach the borders, and Bev helped her sew a "pillowcase" of the three layers, and then turn them right side out and quilt them by machine.

Lee Ann was ready to do more.  But first she wanted to buy a sewing machine.  At home in Wisconsin she has an elderly Singer in a cabinet, but she wanted a machine to use when she is here in Sun Village, and I was delighted to go sewing machine shopping with her.

We went first to King's Sewing & Vacuum Store, very close by, because they are a Janome dealer and I'm a very loyal Janome user.  We looked them over and then took the trip down Bell to Joanne's, courtesy of our "chauffeur," her husband Gary, and looked at what machines they had for sale there.  It was pretty clear to us that the choice was a nice little Janome.  They went back the next day and bought that Janome.

Lee Ann had seen some rag quilts that inspired her, so while we were at Joanne's we bought material for a rag quilt.  The top is a tropical print, appropriate for a quilt for their daughter who had been married not too long ago in Aruba.  We picked a mottled blue flannel for the back, and bought a packaged batt 46" x 60".

Last Monday Lee Ann and I got together at the sewing room and cut out the squares for this lovely lap quilt.  She went home and got busy sewing.  Today she stopped by to show me the result.  It turned out terrific!  And doesn't she look happy with it?!!!

Congratulations, Lee Ann, on a quick finish to a lovely quilt!

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