Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Way back on October 23 I posted this picture of the greenery in front of our condo.  The bush on the very left with the orange blossoms is directly opposite our bedroom window.  Hummingbirds are especially attracted to its blossoms.

There are crews hired to maintain the village in a pretty pristine condition.  Lawns are mowed regularly, detritus from trees is collected and removed.  It all looks very neat and well cared for.

However, the method of pruning here is to take a power hedge shears and chop everything down to a fairly small ball shape.  That luscious shrub had that sort of "haircut" about 6 weeks ago.  It still hasn't showed many signs of making a comeback.  What a pity!  Hard to believe it's the same shrub, isn't it?

Because we run a garden center we do know about pruning shrubs and trees, and this is a real butcher job.  I do hope it will recover.

The village has a fragrant rose garden that was blooming profusely in December.  That, too, was given a "butch" haircut.  What a great pity, because roses do thrive in the cooler weather.  A "haircut" like this is a real shock to a blooming shrub.

We are back in the warmth, with highs in the 70's and residents are back to using the outdoor pool.  I did keep on swimming in sunny afternoons, except for the week of New Year's Day, when our highs were in the 40's.  Now with the sun shining on the pool and the air calm, it's just a treat to get some exercise there in the afternoons.

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