Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hoping for Spring

I returned from warm, sunny Arizona this past Wednesday, landing at Calgary airport in a snowstorm!  Not unusual weather for April in Alberta.  Statistically, we get most of our snow in March and April.  Fortunately the roads were not snow covered and slippery on the way home, but the landscape was dull and the sky was lowering.  In fact, that weather persisted until this morning.  Now we have sunshine and hopes for some warmer temperatures than yesterday's high of +1ºC.

So Jim is busy preparing for sunny days by replanting the cement urns on the eastern side of the house. This is part of the new cement "apron" we had poured around the east and northeast walls of the house last summer.  He's adding some Amber Jubilee Ninebark to the planters that already held honeysuckle vines.

The third planter is resplendent with a double flowering plum surrounded by red carnations.

Every time I turn around he's planting more spring colour: This is an Alpine Currant surrounded by pansies.

Confession: All these blooming plants and shrubs were in the greenhouse.  This is their brave excursion to the unprotected outside world.  Hope they flourish!

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