Friday, April 25, 2014

Delectable Mountains Tutorial

 There are several illustrated steps on how to make a Delectable Mountains quilt.  Here are the first five.

FIRST STEP:  Cut an equal amount of
8 3/4" light squares and 8 3/4" dark squares.  For a 42" x 60" quilt you will need 32 light and 32 darks.  The quilt I made this week is totally scrappy.  I hauled out all my boxes of scraps, not yardage, and spread them on the sewing room floor to facilitate finding enough acceptable fabrics for this quilt.

STEP TWO: With a fine point permanent marker, a Frixion pen, or a pencil, draw a line diagonally on the wrong side of each light square.

STEP THREE: Choose which lights and darks will be paired.  Layer them in a stack and take them to the sewing machine.  Carefully line the light on top of the dark, right sides together.  Stitch a scant quarter inch to the left of the drawn diagonal line.

STEP FOUR: Continue stitching a quarter inch to the left of the diagonals, chaining the squares together.

When you reach the end of your stack (I did ten at a time), lift the presser foot and turn the squares, and stitch back in the same manner on the other side of the diagonal line.

Cut the chained squares apart.

STEP FIVE: On your cutting table, cut the squares apart along the diagonal line.  Each pair of light/dark squares has now become two blocks.

It would be possible to chain stitch all of the squares in one session, but I prefer to do about ten at a time, and then do the rest of the steps.  That keeps me up and moving around more often.

Tomorrow I will post the next five illustrated steps.  (Maybe this is enough to keep you busy until then?)

NOTE: The rest of the tutorial was finally posted on August 18.  Sorry about that delay!

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