Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Settling In

After having lived here for a week and a half, we are starting to feel like this is home.

Each morning I go for a walk with my sister around a man made lake that is part of the water purification system.  I meant to take my camera this morning to show how lovely it is.  Hope I remember tomorrow.

Yesterday the Canada Geese were back, an even dozen of them.  If you have some living near you, you know how messy they are.  The area around the lake is off limits to the geese because of the walking paths there.  But how to keep them away?  The Village hires certain dogs who patrol and mark the area, and then the geese don't like to be there.

First I thought, well, that's just sending the problem somewhere else, but Sis explained that all the other water features in the village don't have walking paths so the geese are not disturbed in those area.  Good!  We'll share in such a way that works for both species.

In the afternoon we went to the local branch of the Regional Library and got library cards.  The whole system works just as it does at home, with the exception that this library, serving many more people, has a "self check out" system.  That's pretty nifty.  You place your card under the red light line and it is recorded.  Then you place the books one at a time on the black rectangle and their bar code is recorded.  You may have a receipt or not, whichever you wish.  You can access your account on line from home.  You can order books, etc. on line and pick them up there.  How nice to have that service available just a mile from where we're living!

Then we went to Sprouts, a grocery store that specializes in fresh fruits and veggies, and lots of organic goods, packaged and fresh.  It's a great place to get your fresh things, but for items such as grated cheese, etc. you really want to go to a different sort of market.

Also yesterday I picked up several things at a Target store, which I found much more pleasant than the local Walmart, which is always very busy and crowded.  The prices at Target are slightly higher, but I was able to find several small items I had been looking for: a clothes drying rack, a dish rack, a large spoon and a large slotted spoon that I liked, and a large soup pot with a good heavy bottom.  Gradually, gradually we are getting set up here.

Today I think I'd like to go to the pool again, rather than do some more shopping.  Hopefully more pictures soon.

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