Monday, October 21, 2013

No Sewing Yet

Sorry for the long absence!  We were getting ready to go on an extended holiday, and that involved lots of planning, packing, etc.

On Saturday the 12th we started our trip by going to Rosebud to see "Our Town."  It was excellent! as their productions always are.  I was surprised by the second act, which was deeply moving, in contrast to the first act, which was quite humorous.  By the end I was brushing tears from my cheeks and sniffing.  The woman sitting next to me was doing the same!  She opened her purse, took out a pack of Kleenex, took one for herself and then handed me one.  After the lights came up I said, Thanks! I needed that!

Then we drove south to Shelby, Montana where we had reservations for the night.  The next two days we spent on the road, and reached Sun Village, Surprise, Arizona by suppertime on Monday.  We were welcomed by my dear sister and her husband, and settled in to their guest house.

I spent the next several days working hard to organize, clean and prepare our condo, and on Friday afternoon we were able to move in.  Since then I've done more cleaning and organizing, and we're almost all set here.

This afternoon I was able to hang the Halloween wall panel by the front door.  It's attached with strips of Duct Tape to the stuccoed wall.  I didn't want to use nails, for fear of cracking the stucco.  This works!  We'll see if it lasts until November.

Soon I hope to start on a small wall hanging featuring a poinsettia.  That's one of those laser cut kits, so it just needs to be attached and the edges sewed down.  I'm looking forward to doing that, but fortunately, I have some time yet to get around to that.

Happy quilting!

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