Friday, October 25, 2013

First Project

This afternoon I sewed my first project here at our condo in Arizona: a set of six lovely napkins.  We like to use cloth napkins (cutting down trees to wipe our mouth does not "cut it" with us!) and I hadn't found any that I liked.  I found this very nice 100% cotton homespun fabric in Walmart and bought one yard.  From that I was able to cut six (15" x 18") napkins.

For the first one I hemmed the raw edge under and then turned it under again and sewed that down.  Very secure!

But for the others I decided that wasn't necessary.  I trimmed 1/2" off each corner, turned the edge over once and pressed.  Then I turned the edge over once more, mitring the corners as I went, pressing that down firmly.  Then I was able to just sew the hem in place.  I happened to have the exactly right blue thread in my box.

They turned out very well, and are a lovely soft cotton, woven with dyed threads so both sides are the same (except for the hems turned under).

There is a Sunbeam iron here that steams very nicely, and turns itself off if not used for a while.

All in all (though it took longer than I expected) a happy result for the first sewing project in Arizona.

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