Thursday, May 2, 2013


Socks always seem kind of miraculous.  You have a ball or two of yarn and some little sticks.  You perform some manipulations with the sticks and yarn and socks appear!  In this case the sticks are literally sticks: these are bamboo needles.

This is the first time I've used bamboo for knitting socks, and I'm finding I prefer the other needles, which are plastic.  Some day I would like to have a set of "KnitPick" needles, or Addi Turbos to make socks.  They are supposed to be very slick, making for fast knitting.

When I'm knitting I don't try to hurry.  It's like eating a good slice of pie--you want to enjoy it, not hurry through.

Yesterday evening for the first time this spring I heard the frogs singing in the dugout, totally engrossed in their annual urge to procreate.  The frog chorus in the spring is always so enjoyable.  I like to (meanly) throw a stone into the dugout.  Sudden silence!  Until finally one frog can stand it no longer and is the first to start advertising himself.  CHOOSE ME!!! CHOOSE ME!!!

Also yesterday our garden centre helpers planted strawberries, filling one of the raised beds in our garden.  This morning at 6 a.m. there were four deer feasting on the new plants!  I raised a ruckus and they left.  We have to cover the beds with our big screens to protect our tender new plants from these deer raids.  One neighbour told us that he leaves a radio on all night in the garden and that keeps the deer away.  We'll try it, but it is about number twelve in the suggestions I've heard about how to keep deer out of the garden.  The best bet is still a dog who will chase them away.  The little spaniel mix we used to have (until she died about three years ago) was scared of deer and overly fond of greeting anyone who showed up.  She was no use at all for protecting anything!

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