Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Fun Little Project

 Last week while I was sweeping the dirt and leaves out of the Sales Building I had a good look at this little old wooden chair that sat beside the door, just in case someone needed a little break.  It looked pretty worn and sad.  A quick paint job would spiff it up considerably!

So I took it into the kitchen, gave it a good clean up with some warm water and t.s.p.  While it dried I went downstairs to look over the odds 'n ends of paint.  I had a nice blue and a bright orange in mind.

The blue was one of three I used in the downstairs bathroom, and it filled the bill nicely.  The orange turned out to be a pale orangey beige, not "sparky" enough at all!  So back downstairs and look some more.

Well, this green, one of three from our bedroom, will look good enough.  The "redo" was complete in no time, and the result is a fun looking, clean little chair to welcome a tired shopper.

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