Friday, December 14, 2012

Breaking News

New definition of "breaking news:" news that breaks your heart.

Today Jim and I watched with horror and deep sadness as the details of the mass murder in Connecticut came out.  I can't call it a mass shooting.  It is simply mass murder by someone who had guns (note the plural) and crates of ammunition.

How many innocents (both young and old) must die before the people rise up and say, "Enough!"

Who can deny that if he did not have guns, the toll of lives taken could never have reached these levels?

When will all the survivors, not just the wounded, but all those whose lives are wrenched into the depths of sadness will unite and demand an end to the supply of deadly weapons in the hands of anyone with the money to buy them?

Can you imagine the despair of those parents when they hear the seasonal carol, Joy to the World!

The world is weeping!

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