Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Christmas Concert

On Wednesday evening the violin students and the string ensemble gave their Christmas Concert/party to which we invited parents, grandparents, cousins, friends, etc.  We had a good crowd, about 40 to 50 people came, so the little old church which now houses the Arts Academy was nicely filled.

The concert began with the littlest students, seriously and with utmost care playing Jingle Bells (at about 4 times slower than normal) and God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.  They were darling.  There were three other more advanced students, all students of the other violin teacher there because I hadn't taught my students Christmas music, other than what we did in the ensemble.  One piano student joined our concert and that gave a nice touch of variety to the program.

The ensemble then played four carols in very nice arrangements, after which the pianist joined us for a rousing rendition of Joy to the World, which the audience was invited to join in, singing along with us.

With the pianist helping we then played a medley called "Angels, Shepherds, Christmas, Kings" and we ended with "The Bells of Christmas" for which two brothers joined in with percussion instruments.  Before we played the final number I said to the group, "This is the last song before the end of this season.  Let's give it all we've got!"  And did they ever!!!  It was totally the best they have ever played anything, and they just thrilled me with what they accomplished.  Our audience, inclined to be appreciative anyway, was also delighted and thrilled with what their children and grandchildren achieved.

We then had a social hour with lots and lots of delicious goodies the families had brought to share.  Some of the students helped by stacking all the chairs to the side, storing the music stands downstairs and sweeping the floor when most of the guests had left.  There are always lots of willing hands to help with set up and take down, and that's a blessing for those of us who organize and are responsible for running the show.

Now I have 2 1/2 weeks off with the only things on my schedule being playing for church services the next two Sundays.  This Sunday Jan and I will play organ/violin pieces, and next Sunday I will be alone on piano.

I'm really looking forward to this time off.  I want to get pictures back up on the blog and I want to expand my email "inbox."  I've received messages about every other day that my boxes are too full, and the truth is they are almost totally empty.  I'll have to get that straightened out.

For now here's the wish for each and every one of us: May we be blessed with peaceful hours, an ability to focus on the spiritual meaning of this holiday, and a real experience of the coming of Christ into our lives.

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