Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Request

Tomorrow my friend Linda, a quilting buddy, is scheduled to undergo a serious medical procedure.  Linda has suffered a number of health problems in the last several years--more than any one person should encounter!  Recently a tumour was discovered on her liver, and tomorrow the doctors plan to "burn" it off with a heated probe.

One of the problems is that the tumour is near her heart, so the doctors are letting her accumulate fluids so that she is very bloated.  I'm sure you can agree that that's very uncomfortable!  But that will help to move the tumour a ways away from her heart, and make the procedure safer.

Please pray for Linda that the procedure will be successful in every way, and also that she and her husband may have peace of mind about this latest trial they must endure.

Thank you!

On a more cheerful note, here's a look at the newest sock project.  This interesting pattern, found on Knitty.com and called "Double Heelix," is a real challenge!  There's a helpful video that is linked on the pattern, showing just how to do this complicated cast on and beginning of the spiral heel.  Yesterday I watched that video about 20 times before I felt confident enough to start knitting on it.  It's going well, but it's just the very beginning.  I'll keep you posted as the project proceeds.

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