Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blood and Pain

Last night I was rinsing a glass bowl when it suddenly broke in two, slicing my right thumb badly, and taking a little "divot" out of my left pinky.  A 1/2" square of skin was peeled back on three sides down to a deep level.  All I could see underneath was blood.

I considered cutting off that flap of skin, but thought better of it, and flipped it back over the whelming blood.  After rinsing the wound thoroughly I let it bleed into the sink for a while.  It wasn't going to stop, so I wrapped the thumb in a towel and went for some bandages.  It was hard to get a bandage on the right hand, especially since it was quite wet with water and blood, but it was finally in place.

I went back to the sink and waited a bit.  Blood kept welling up around the edge of that bandage, and soon it was useless.  Taking a clean white wash cloth, I held it against the wound for a while, hoping to staunch the flow.

When it slowed down a bit I was able to replace that bandage with a larger one, but when I went to the back hall sink to rinse out the cloths in some cold water I found that blood was dripping from the top and bottom of the bandage.  I found some gauze and wrapped that firmly around on top of the bandage.  Now I had a big, white thumb!  It still bled through a little into the gauze, but then, happily, slowed down.  Then I was finally able to bandage my left pinky.

At first my thumb really throbbed, and I thought it would be painful during the night.  It turned out not to be painful, and I was grateful for that!  This morning it was actually my left pinky that bothered me the most, as the "divot" was out at the knuckle, and every flexing of the knuckle gave a twinge of pain.  I can't put any pressure on my thumb, so knitting and things like that are out of the question for now.  Sis's birthday socks will have to wait a few days.  Lying on the couch reading a book is O.K.

All in all, though, I grateful that I came through that well.  And that was a good thing because this morning I had to be in the dentist's chair for a hour and half appointment to fit a temporary crown over the tooth that broke a while back.  My mouth is just getting over the freezing now, so it's time for a comforting cup of coffee!

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