Saturday, February 25, 2012

Making Jam

When I took the last jar of raspberry jam from the shelves in the spare bedroom closet I knew it was time to make another batch.  Saturday is often baking day, and today was no exception.  The orange/cranberry loaf was ready to go into the oven just when the 15 Saskatoon muffins came out.  It was still only noon hour, so lots more could happen today.

I got a gallon ice cream pail of frozen raspberries from the freezer in the garage.  That's the freezer for fruit, with a few other things: two turkeys, a bag of chicken breasts and some bags of home grown vegetables.

Using the 12 quart pot I melted the raspberries gradually, and then added 16 cups of sugar and one lump of butter to keep it from foaming too much.  This mixture boiled for 25 minutes, and then I added one pkg of "No Sugar Added" pectin, just for insurance (because sometimes boiled jams are quite runny, not that we mind.)
So here by 2 p.m. is the fruit of my labor: 9 pint jars of jam, and 1 one cup jar (for giving away).

So, for not too much effort today we have 15 healthy (low fat and low sugar) muffins with lots of berries in them, one good sized loaf of cranberry/orange bread (what Jim calls "that nice bread") and enough jam (without additives) to last a few months, depending on how many jars I give away.  Wouldn't you like some?

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