Friday, November 18, 2011

Finished Angel Quilt

The lap quilt that I started three weeks ago tomorrow is finished!  It was a simple design and was easy to put together.  There was very little "reverse stitching" in this one.

I bought 4 remnants, 2 fat quarters and found one more previously purchased remnant in my stash.  The batting was a polyester batt that had been given to our town quilting club.  The backing came from the $5.00/meter shelf.

The finished quilt is soft and fluffy, good for an "angel quilt," the quilts that are collected by our local fabric store and given to needy locals in the Christmas season.  Although it's not strongly feminine it is a quilt for a woman or girl.

I did "stitch in the ditch" quilting on the body of the quilt since it was already very busy.  But in the border I put a swirling design, similar to the print of the material.

It was nice to make a quilt with all new material for a change.  So many of the quilts the past year have been scrap quilts from the stash, and although I really like scrap quilts, it was a treat to buy some new material and create from scratch.

When the quilt was finished, these small pieces were all that was left of my purchases.  Now that's a relief, not to add a whole lot to the stash to be used up later.

Because the batt was donated and the top and back were not full price materials, this lap quilt cost only $46.80 to make.  For an all new material quilt, that might be a record!

The batt had a price tag of $5.99 on it, on sale from a regular price of $8.49.  It had an offer included for an "Ohio Rose Pattern with detailed instructions.  Send this coupon, a MOUNTAIN MIST UPC symbol and $2.00 to cover postage and handling.  Available in English only.  Offer expires October 31, 1991."  (My italics)  So the batt is 20 years old!  The coupon also referred to "Straight Stitch Machine Applique and Machine Quilting."  That was back in the days when most quilts were still hand quilted.  Many quilters then (and some now) thought that machine quilting was cheating!!!

Get a load of the old machine!

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