Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sure a funny sock!

I mentioned when I finished the socks for D.D. #2 and her daughter that I immediately cast on stitches for a new pair.  This sock is called "Skew," and I found that pattern on line at, the winter 2009 Issue.
Here's the sock, toe up, and the flare at the left side is called the "mini gusset."  It's the addition of stitches where the inside ankle will come, the stitches being added to make room for the heel.

The straight edge of the sock is the inside of the foot, and the rounded edge goes around the outside of the foot.  At this point in the knitting I was quite confused as to what is the top of the foot and what is the sole.  D.D.#2 and I went on line and looked for others who had used this pattern.  By looking at the pictures they had posted we figured out the top and bottom of the sock.

That enabled me to proceed with the directions.  Here's the "sole" of the sock, and the heel is that funny little triangle folded backwards over the sole.

I am really enjoying this yarn.  It has a very good feel to it and I love the colour combination.  But now I'm wondering: when D.D.#2 was here last July we ordered three kinds of sock yarn.  The first one that I knit, the pink lace socks, I'm sure was one of her picks.  But the other two yarns, this one and a similar but lighter-coloured yarn, got me mixed up.  Now I'm thinking this is the yarn I ordered for myself.  Well, I'll have to have a conference with her and see if these are the socks she wants or if she wants to wait for the other yarn.

So here is the first of the pair finished.  This is the top of the sock for the right foot.  Looks like just a flat piece of knitting, but when you turn it sideways you can see the funny little triangle that is the space for the heel. (Next picture down.)

Behind the sock is the quilt top I was working on this Tuesday at Pieceful Stitchers.  I'm machine quilting it and hope to be finished by the end of this week.  This will be the comfort quilt that goes to Slave Lake.

Some workers from the Philippines who staff a meat packing plant in the next town up the highway suffered major losses when the boarding house they stay in burned to the ground.
A quilt I finished some time ago, a generously sized single bed quilt, will go to one of them as a "comfort" quilt.  The amazing thing about that fire was that all of their passports survived.  That's such a blessing because if the passports were indeed lost those poor people would have had to travel all the way to Vancouver to get new ones.

So there you see the little heel poking out back.  Maybe I should try this sock on and see how it fits!

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