Sunday, October 23, 2011

Did It!

Remember that bag full of scraps that I needed to cut down to squares and strips?  Well, I Did It!!!  It took hours and hours of standing by the cutting table, picking out scraps, pressing them and cutting them into squares or strips measuring from 1 1/2" to 4" or larger.  A scrap needed to be about  16" long to become a strip.  Otherwise it was cut into squares.

So here's the lovely result:
From left to right according to size, biggest to smallest.  Strips are in 
the clear boxes, squares are in stacks
or bags in front of the boxes.  They will 
be so handy for making scrap quilts.  
I'll be just whizzing along!

Actually, this all came about because of the need for strips to make blocks for the Red Star Quilt.  So here are the piles of strips for that quilt.  The grey underneath the pile is a pair of trousers that needs to be mended.

The Red Star Quilt is coming along.  There are eight and a half 12" blocks finished.  I need at least twice that many.  This was supposed to be the quilt for Slave Lake, but since it will be a while before I can finish it, I think I'll use the top I made last July for the comfort quilt for Slave Lake and use the Red Star quilt for an "Angel Quilt" this coming Christmas Season.  Our local fabric store (part of IDA) distributes "Angel Quilts" locally according to need at Christmas time.

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