Saturday, October 22, 2011

Breakfast Buffet

Saturday mornings are our time to sit back and relax.  We didn't get out of bed until about 7:15, which is really, really late for us.  Jim cut up fruit for a large bowl of fresh fruit salad.  I brewed the first cups of coffee and he drove to the corner store for today's (Toronto) Globe and Mail.

Around 9a.m. I started working on breakfast: first I cut up four breakfast sausages and set them to brown in a small skillet.  I added cut up onion, red and green peppers.  The mushrooms I sautéed in a separate pot because he doesn't care for mushrooms and I like them a lot.  I had microwaved some medium sized Russet Burbank potatoes, which I cut into cubes and fried in a large skillet, sprinkled with seasoned salt, sizzling in a little butter.  When everything was ready I scrambled five farm-fresh eggs and we put together our platters from the stove, adding some grated cheddar cheese and a little catsup.

What a great breakfast that was!  Right up there at a 10, and for me, it was the sautéed mushrooms that pushed it right over the top.

As we were enjoying our breakfast a little parade of deer came ambling down the driveway from the back of the property.  They live in the field across the railroad tracks that border our land to the East, and consider our landscape their "morning buffet."  This snap shows a few of the crowd that came.  There were more off to the left.

They've got their ears forward because Jim has just opened the front door.

If you want to make them go away, it's not enough to just show yourself.  They are so accustomed to people, and so sure that they are safe because of the lack of predators here, that to scare them off you need to run at them, waving your arms above your head and shrieking as loudly as possible.

So here they are leaving in response to Jim's antics.

They trot across the road, sometimes even stopping by the end of the driveway.  This herd made it across the road to the neighbor's field.  They'll be back later on their way home again.

After a few minutes a straggler came through looking as if he was wondering where everybody went.

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