Saturday, August 20, 2011

Twillingate and back

This morning we drove to the end of the
road past Twillingate where the Long Point Lighthouse is located.  There are some frightful cliffs here, but some secure viewing areas.  I thought the water dashing on the rocks was beautiful.

What you can't see in this picture, but what I was able to get with my good telephoto capability in my Canon G10 was this fishing boat, working out near this point, pursued by a large flock of gulls.

One of the signs at the viewpoint was quite informative on icebergs.  And my made-up word "berglet" doesn't make the list.

We left the point and drove back through Twillingate and as far as Boyd's Cove where we took the road to Gander.  The other choice was a long, winding road along the coast, and we've seen lots of coastline.

Along the way I snapped a photo of an iconic roadside sight:
These trash containers are everywhere.  They look like two lobster traps, the lower one bottom up and the top one bottom down.  I don't know if that's intentional, but wherever we've gone this is the style of trash container out by the road.  Your garbage cans fit into here and are neatly out of sight while waiting for pickup.

That is one thing we have noticed here--there is very little littering along the roads.  People take pride in keeping the province clean and "presentable."  The other thing we notice is that very few properties are landscaped.  Of course, there are some places with lovely gardens, but I would guess that a good majority, like this nice new home, have no formal landscaping.  Now that's something that we tend to notice, since we run a garden centre!

We drove along Hwy 1 as far east as Clarenville where we looked for a B and B but ended up in Clarenville Inn, a large hotel on the highway.  No complaints, though, we have a groundfloor room facing away from the highway, and we're sure it will be quiet here tonight.

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