Saturday, August 13, 2011

Photos from Yesterday

Here are the photos from yesterday.  First is the facade of "The Rooms," and the shape that mimics the rooms where fish were processed is actually freestanding in front of the building itself.

Next we have the photo of the old Cape Spear Lighthouse:
The above is a photo a Cape Spear itself.  This rocky promontory is the farthest east point of the North American Continent.

And here is an original, and true Newfie joke:
While we were at Cupids, ready to go on the tour of the archaeology site, we came across a group of men, there were four of them, repairing a lawn mower.  Here's what they told us: That morning they decided the grass needed to be cut, so they got out this mower and started mowing.  It wasn't working well at all, so they figured they needed a new blade.  They turned the machine over and discovered that it had NO blade!  They found a blade in their storage shed, fixed the blade to the mower, and started mowing again.  There was a terrible racket!  They stopped the mower and investigated.  The blade was and inch too long!  They took that blade off and sent one of the four fellows to buy a new blade.  When we got there they were making their third attempt.  That blade wasn't on yet, so we don't know how this one time turned out!  We asked "How many Newfies does it take to change a mower blade?"  They laughed and replied, Four, but it's not done yet!

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